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Shooters' Hearing Protection

PE Electronic Hearing Protector and Enhancement for Shooters

PE electronic hearing protector and enhancement for shooters allows for speech to be heard, but suppresses loud sounds. They are available in four tech levels and can be ordered in a variety of colors including swirls.

2085535_orig (1).png

*PE1 includes a 1 channel faceplate
*PE2 includes a 2 channel faceplate - 3 memories 2 compression channels
*PE3 includes a 4 channel faceplate - 3 memories 4 compression channels
*PE4 includes a 8 channel faceplate - 3 memories 8 compression channels

Environmental Memory Settings

Memory 1 - For outdoor out door gun range or trap shooting.
Memory 2 - More low frequency emphasis for hunting.
Memory 3 - Less low frequency for indoor gun range or birding.

Maximum outputOSPL90 is not effected by the different memories

CE Electronic Hearing Protector and Enhancement for Shooters

CE enhanced electronic shooters plugs. These plugs enhance the sound of wild animals but suppress the noise when shooting. The generic canal style can be used right out of the box with included silicone tip.