Hearing Aid Batteries

Size 10
Size 13
Size 312
Size 675

Tips To Meet Your Battery's Expected Life

  • Keep track of your battery usage to determine the average time your battery should last. Since everyone's definition of a "day" is different, be sure to calculate your battery usage by hour for a more accurate estimate.
  • Store Batteries at room temperature in a package or caddy.
  • Do not carry batteries loose in your pocket or purse.

How to Activate Your Hearing Aid Battery For Use

Remove The Battery Tab
Each hearing aid battery comes with a color coded tab that corresponds with the battery size. Before the battery can be placed in your hearing aid you will need to remove the tab by peeling gently.

Air Activation
Remember to let your hearing aid battery sit un-tabbed for ONE MINUTE before placing it into your hearing aid. This step allows air to enter which is critical for use. The hearing aid battery is activated when the zinc within mixes with air from the environment.

Battery Placement
After a minute has passed and your battery is properly activated, place your hearing aid battery into your hearing aid with the air holes facing up and lightly close the door.